Breakdown on the Highway: 3 Actions You Need to Take

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If you break down on the highway, it can be a hostile place. Due to the high speed that other road users are travelling at, any collision which occurs between them and your stationary car is likely to be catastrophic. Below is a guide to the steps you should take if you break down on the highway.

Pull over

If you are driving along and you notice that your car is malfunctioning, you should immediately pull over to the side of the road. Many Australian highways have a safety lane which is designed to provide space in the event of an emergency.

Exit the car

Once you have pulled over to the side of the road, you should activate the hazard warning lights on your vehicle so other road users can see you. Doing so is especially important at night or during adverse weather conditions. You should then carefully but quickly exit the vehicle on the side opposite the active lane of traffic. Doing so will reduce the chance that you will be struck by another vehicle. You should never stay in your car. While it may feel safe in your car, staying put will put you at serious risk of injury or death if you are rear-ended by another vehicle. If you have any pet animals in your car, it is best to leave them where they are. Doing so will prevent your pet from running onto the road. Once you are out of the car, you should stand well back from the road and behind any safety barriers.

Call a tow truck

You should then call a tow truck service and request that they come to assist you. When you call, you should tell the tow truck operator the type of vehicle you are driving, the number of occupants, the nature of the problem and your precise location. You can find out your exact location by looking at the distance markers at the side of the road. The distance marker will have a number written on the side which can be used by the tow truck service to locate you. If you do not have a mobile phone, you should walk along the side of the safety lane until you come to an emergency call box. These telephones provide a direct line to roadside rescue services.

If you would like to find out more about the actions you should take if you break down, you should contact a tow truck company today.