Tips for Photographing Your Machinery Before It Is Transported

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Machinery transport companies usually ascertain the condition of any machinery that they have been contracted to transport before they actually transport it. It is also advisable for you to take photographs of your equipment before it is transported. These photos will make it easier for you to have your claim processed in the event that the machinery is damaged while it is being transported. This article discusses some tips that you should follow when taking those photos.

Include the Date

It is now becoming rare to find photos that have dates on them these days. This may be because most photos are now taken using cellphones. However, it is important for you to ensure that the photos that you take of your machinery have dates on them. That information will be vital in case the condition of your machinery needs to be established so that adequate compensation can be given to you. The photos will provide a way for you and the insurance company to agree on the state of the equipment so that your claim is processed quickly.

Don't Hold Back

How many photographs of your equipment are enough? It is better for you to take as many photographs as you can. Those photographs should be taken from different distances. For instance, you should have close-ups of the key parts of your machinery, such as attachment points for wiring. You should also have photos taken from above the equipment. In short, the photos should be so detailed that they can be used by another person to pick out your exact equipment from a yard that is full of similar equipment.

Don't Keep Them to Yourself

Today's technology can enable someone to manipulate the date stamps on photos. The same technology can also alter the appearance of the objects that have been photographed. So, how can you ensure that all the concerned parties will agree that those photos reflect the true condition of your machinery before it was transported? Share a file of those photos with the machinery transport company. Their possession of those photos will remove any doubt from the minds of the people at the insurance company when you make a claim for compensation in the event of an accident during the transportation process.

It is usually advisable to anticipate any potential source of disagreement so that you take steps to address that concern. Photographs are one way to resolve issues long before they arise. Follow the tips above so that you will have no issues in the unlikely event that an accident occurs while your equipment is being transported.