3 Design Features Found on a Modern Tow Truck

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If you drive for long distances across Australia, sooner or later you will need to use a tow truck service. It could be that you are involved in an accident which damages your car so you cannot continue to drive it, or you could hit debris in the road which put your tyres out of action. Whatever the reason is, you may be wondering about the benefits of calling in a professional towing company rather than using another vehicle to tow yourself out of trouble. Below is a guide to some of the design features which modern tow trucks incorporate which give these vehicles the edge when it comes to recovering your car.

High visibility

Working at the roadside is very dangerous. When attaching a tow rope to a car or inspecting damage to a vehicle, you are placing yourself at serious risk. Perhaps the biggest danger is that another road user will not see a broken-down car until it is too late. Modern tow trucks are painted in fluorescent colours and have reflective panels stuck to the exterior. This means that they can be easily seen, even in low-light conditions.

All-terrain tyres

The roads through the Australian Outback can be pretty tough going. While you may be used to driving on smooth asphalt roads when you are in a town or city, once you get out into the countryside, you may face rough roads which contain bumps and potholes. The Outback also features unpaved roads which are covered in fine dirt or sand, which creates a surface which can easily bog down your wheels. Tow trucks are fitted with all-terrain tyres, which means they can reach you wherever you happen to break down or get stuck. If you attempt to recover your car using a conventional vehicle, you may find that that the second vehicle also becomes trapped.

Fuel-efficient systems

A tow truck will often need to travel a great distance in order to reach a car which has broken down. While tow trucks have large fuel tanks, designers and operators have done all they can in order to improve fuel efficiency. This means that a tow truck can drive out many miles to rescue you and will still be able to make the return journey with plenty of gas left in the tank. A conventional vehicle might struggle to make a similar trip without multiple stops at gas stations, and gas stations can be few and far between in the Outback.

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